Dr. Zoltan Alexin

Email addressalexin@inf.u-szeged.hu
Affiliation / OrganisationUniversity of Szeged
Which is the PRIMARY NET4Age Working Group you are involved in?WG2
Paper 1
TitleDoes fair anonymization exist?
AuthorsZoltan Alexin
JournalInternational Review of Law, Computers and Technology
Keywordsmedical databases
risk of re-identification
Relevant filesN/A
Paper 2
TitleHungary's unorthodox approach to personal privacy
AuthorsZoltan Alexin
JournalHealth and Technology, Special Issue on Privacy and Security of Medical Information
Keywordsmedical privacy
medical research ethics
medical secrecy
legal regulation
personal data protection
fundamental rights
Relevant filesN/A
Paper 3
Relevant filesN/A
4. Focus of research during the past 3 yearsLS7_10 Health services, health care research, medical ethics
5. Other research during the past 3 yearsMedical data protection, anonymisation, legal environment
6. Ongoing research for collaborative activitiesLS7_10 Health services, health care research, medical ethics, Other
7. Other ongoing researchMedical data protection, anonymisation, legal environment
8. Available to partcipate in a webinar for partners to present your ongoing research?Yes
1. Products/tools, services or other activities available for collaboration If yes, N/A
2. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the product, service, tool or other?No
3. Short description of product, tool, service or otherN/A
4. Innovative training/empowerment contentA summer school lecture on "De-identification of Medical Databases". It first collects the EU legal and ethics framework for medical research on personal data, and provides real examples on de-identification and re-identification. It also contains formulas allowing to compute the estimated risk for re-identification.
5. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the training/empowerment content?Yes
1. Connections to local/regional ecosystem on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital worldBusinesses/NGOs, Researchers
2. If yes, please can you provide the name, link or short description of the ecosystem you are involved in?I have connections to research groups at University of Szeged (Law, Informatics), Technical University of Budapest, University of Debrecen - in Hungary. I have connections to patients associations (ostheoporothic patients, psychiatric patients) and couple of companies. I am member of the international committee of International Institute of Telemedicine, connections to BILETA (https://www.bileta.org.uk), connections to an earlier COST 1206 partners. I myself maintain a health data protection website (www.tisztessegesadatkezeles.org).
3. Interested in fostering a quadruple helix ecosystem within the frame of the COST ActionYes
4. Familiarity with international funding programmesErasmus+, European earth observation programme (Copernicus), Horizon 2020
5. Interest in international funding programmesHealth for growth
Horizon 2020
Horizon Europe
equality and citizenship