Dissemination Conference Grant

Strengthening science and research

The sharing of scientific results is vitally important in strengthening science and research, due to the value and impact dissemination activities can have on the wider research community.

Dissemination conference grant implies presentation of the Action work by the Action participant, with main aim to significantly increase visibility of the Action (activities and results) in the research community and contribute to increasing visibility and awareness of the Action participant. This type of grant should attract additional participants and stakeholders and disseminate Action results to relevant end-users at high profile Conferences in the field on a topic relevant to the Action.

Financial support provides contribution for travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses, registration fee, printing of scientific poster and overall effort. Maximum amounts are:

  • EUR 2000 per grant for face to-face conferences
  • EUR 500 for virtual conferences

The amount awarded should reflect the duration and location of the Conference and the actual conference fee. Upon approval of the application, the Grantee receives a Grant Letter from the Grant Holder stating the approved amount and the conditions for receiving the grant.

The conference has to take a place within the current Grant Period (until October 31st, 2022). Reporting and claim for payment of the grant is within 30 days after the end date of the activity or 15 days after the end of the Grant Period whichever comes first.