D4 - Report on SHAFE policies, strategies and funding

Deliverable 4

Partners’ report on SHAFE policies, strategies and funding in countries released

The journey of SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) started with the naivest enthusiasm, as all small things start. Thanks to so many committed organisations and individuals in Europe, a very small conviction and dream has grown into a solid movement. And even into a new word: SHAFE. 

The COST Action NET4Age-Friendly is one of the crucial steps on the road of the journey of SHAFE. As Core Group of the COST Action, we are very pleased to have been able to already interest about 300 researchers from 46 countries to go along on this journey. 

To learn more about the opportunities and challenges for SHAFE and the COST Action, we invited the members of the Action to provide information about the policies, strategies and funding opportunities in their respective countries. This is one of the deliverables of the COST Action. 85 members from 37 countries contributed to this report on SHAFE policies, strategies and funding. This resulted in an interesting overview of networks, policy measures and funding opportunities of the reported countries that are involved in the Action. 

The provided information leads overall to the following recommendations to the Action members:

  1. Partners invest in the creation of networks with the quadruple helix and maintain ecosystems
  2. Create small groups of buddy or mentor system for creating ecosystems
  3. Business modelling to identify opportunities on SHAFE
  4. Funding opportunities will be further sustained.

The report was approved at the MC meeting on October 6th 2021 in Anacapri, Italy. The recommendations will get into action during the remaining three years of the Action.