D8 - Final report on digital innovation and implementation

Deliverable 8

The primary objective of this report is to present the acquired synthesis of the existing knowledge in digital innovation and implementation of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) solutions, a critical assessment of practices, and recommendations for the future, in line with the objectives defined for the Working Group 3 of NET4Age-Friendly:

  1. Map the state-of-the-art on digital solutions and large-scale sustainable implementation examples enabling SHAFE, through the collation and analysis of existing initiatives, practices implemented and related projects.
  2. Collect and analyse former and ongoing research/practices on digital solutions and large-scale implementation and publish such collection in the form of a searchable knowledge base on the Action website (www.net4age.eu).
  3. Synthesize and improve the state-of-the-art and good practices through a detailed analysis and the development of recommendations for the future.

The objectives were achieved departing from a comprehensive desk research to address the background and challenges, define scope and purpose, identify target stakeholders, analyse the existing knowledge base, and augment it with new data, thereby contributing significantly to the further development of the framework’s Module on digital innovations and implementation. Based on these findings, the report aims to offer a nuanced understanding of the current digital landscape and tailored approaches that align with the evolving dynamics of technological advancements in the SHAFE areas. Through these insights, it delivers a comprehensive and forward-looking resource in the sphere of digital innovations and implementation towards the promotion of more inclusive communities.