Dr. Nina Jøranson

Email addressnina.joranson@vid.no
Affiliation / OrganisationVID Specialized University
Which is the PRIMARY NET4Age Working Group you are involved in?WG2
Paper 1
TitleHow will care at a distance affect understandings of care?
AuthorsNina Joeranson & Hilde Lausund
JournalTidsskrift for omsorgsforskning (Journal of Care Research)
home care services
understandings of care
relational care
contextual care
Relevant fileshttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1A1tRd_V4cFWwtM-E2eYamou_4c55F5iA
Paper 2
TitleEmotional robots as health promotion in dementia care – group activity with a seal robot in nursing homes
AuthorsNina Joeranson
JournalPhD thesis: Norwegian University of Life Sciences
LinkThesis number 2016:29, ISSN 1894-6402, ISBN 978-82-575-1357-3
Keywordsemotional robots
health promotion
group activity
nursing homes
neuropsychiatric symptoms
quality of life
Relevant fileshttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1f1fcr_RMN6OlJVdbZ8HANzg1gYjQ71KY
Paper 3
TitleDifferences in quality of life in home-dwelling persons and nursing home residents with dementia – a cross-sectional study
AuthorsChristine Olsen, Ingeborg Pedersen, Astrid Bergland, Marie-José Enders-Slegers, Nina Jøranson, Giovanna Calogiuri & Camilla Ihlebæk
JournalBMC Geriatrics
nursing home
Light exposure
Activity level
quality of life
Relevant fileshttps://drive.google.com/open?id=15aEgHCc9jM42Y8FTX8cRuaaWPQU-RX3Y
4. Focus of research during the past 3 yearsSH1_11 Technological change, innovation, research & development
SH3_7 Social policies, welfare
SH3_9 Health, ageing and society
PE7_6 Communication technology
LS4_4 Fundamental mechanisms underlying ageing
LS7_10 Health services, health care research, medical ethics
5. Other research during the past 3 yearsTelecare users, care at a distance, vulnerable groups (dementia)
6. Ongoing research for collaborative activitiesOther
7. Other ongoing researchPatient experiences after Covid-19, reviews on a) implemented welfare technologies for home-dwellings b) implemented welfare technologies after stroke
8. Available to partcipate in a webinar for partners to present your ongoing research?No
1. Products/tools, services or other activities available for collaboration If yes, N/A
2. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the product, service, tool or other?Yes
3. Short description of product, tool, service or otherN/A
4. Innovative training/empowerment contentN/A
5. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the training/empowerment content?Yes
1. Connections to local/regional ecosystem on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital worldResearchers
2. If yes, please can you provide the name, link or short description of the ecosystem you are involved in?My answer for Q1 above is: NO, although NO was no option. I therefore selected "Researchers" because Q1 is marked *...
3. Interested in fostering a quadruple helix ecosystem within the frame of the COST ActionYes
4. Familiarity with international funding programmesErasmus+, Horizon 2020
5. Interest in international funding programmesHealth for growth
equality and citizenship