Workshop Bridging innovation to service provision

20 April 2022 | workshop

RSCN, ProMIS, the SHAFE network and Vigour project organised jointly a workshop series named “Bridging innovation to service provision - Integrated care: opportunities & challenges" that was held on 20th April 2022.

The aim was to identify pain points and bottlenecks that may require a collaborative, interdisciplinary research approach to facilitate the transformations towards smart, sustainable, health and age-friendly communities and was aimed at these networks participants.

This webinar built on the results of the scientific communication questionnaire of CA19136, that allowed the identification of key topic areas and knowledge available to be shared among NET4AGE-Friendly participants. 

A number of experiences demonstrated how digital solutions are effective in improving QoL and health outcomes for older adults. This workshop provided a first overview of the experiences available among NET4Age-Friendly participants, that may be of interest to care and cure authorities.