VM - Business Models on Architecture and Urban Nature-Based Solutions Report

07 February 2024 | virtual mobility

The purpose of the VM was to explore business models for architecture and urban nature-based solutions that could be relevant to SHAFE. It was held comparing to the main target topic of the Action: Age-Friendly Environments. The VM was carried out as a part of "D5. Report on effective evaluation and business models" for the future development of the D12 module on "policy, funding and business models for the Reference Framework" (WG1 + WG4).

The cooperation network gathered under this VM has been aligned around the topics "effective evaluation and business models" and "business models for the Reference Framework" (WG1 + WG4). The VM contributors were the applicant Fabio Naselli-Tirana (Albania) and the network members: Cosmina Paul (Romania), Milica Solarević (Serbia), and Willeke van Staalduine (The Netherlands).