TELE-2023 – International Intergenerational Assembly - the Era of Adults!

30 March 2023 | NET4 Webinars

The Adult Era has begun. By 2050, as highlighted in the Overall Summary of COST, the number of people in the EU aged 65 and over is expected to increase by 70% and the number of people over the age of 80 by 170%, which will increase demand and costs for healthcare. Europe in 10-15 years will become a region with the 1: 1 correlation of employees with pensioners. It is clear why the worries of the scientists, present at TELE-2023, and not only, are directed towards studying the situation in the Society, which is a society with an essential componential weight of older people.

TELE-2023 was a real international conference, if we compare the statistics of the participants. The COST Action NET4Age-Friendly, CA 19136 represents 51 countries in Europe and the World, and was represented by 12 scientists with high-value communications in the field of adult age study. 

The internationality of intergenerational research interests in the field is evidenced by the statistics of communications at TELE-2023: 63 participants, 48 communications presented and 20 written reports submitted; 6 participant countries: USA, Romania, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine and The Republic of Moldova; 31 members in the Scientific Committee; 21 foreign authors participated at the TELE-2023 out of the total of 63 authors).

The solution: methods, models, decisions for the inclusion of older adults in the process of producing goods. We have highlighted that the "solutions concocted" by researchers, and presented at TELE-2023, are not only necessary for Society, but also, last but not least, pleasant and useful to the older adults!


  • Work is necessary for older people!
  • Intergenerality is necessary for older people!
  • It was pointed out that older people with volunteering at the parent enterprise require to have a special status, a Adult Law!
  • Adults in the Robotic Society: It "discovered" a set of spiritual, intellectual, psychological, economic, educational, cultural activities, etc., which require updating and adapted to the activities of maintaining and developing the well-being of older adults in the Society of Consciousness, yes, of consciousness! 
  • Lifelong learning and the continuity of adult activities.
  • A healthy spirit in a healthy body ! Obviously, all research and the field of "The Era of Adults" are consecrated to the maintenance of the well-being of adults in the future Society of Consciousness.

Last but not least: IT in adult life