Strategizing primary and integrated care in Europe

22 November 2023 | virtual mobility


VM grant title: "Strategizing primary and integrated care in Europe: a Virtual Mobility approach to benchmarking political and strategic directions"

VM grant start and end date: 16/10/2023 to 30/10/2023

Grantee name: Dr Alexia Sampri, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge

The Virtual Mobility Grant primary objective was to explore, document, and analyze primary and integrated care strategies across selected European countries or regions, focusing on harmonizing and enhancing healthcare frameworks. During this period, I collaborated closely with Professor Aurelija Blazeviciene from Faculty of Nursing, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Our research centered on the strategic directions of various European healthcare systems, especially concerning elderly populations and chronic conditions management.

The first phase involved defining the research scope and establishing a digital workspace. Key European organizations and initiatives were identified for initial data collection. This phase was crucial in laying the groundwork for our subsequent in-depth analysis. In the following time, I conducted a deeper exploration of the collected data, focusing on identifying common themes and strategies. This stage was marked by communications with networks and experts in primary and integrated care, enriching our understanding and perspectives.

Our findings reveal diverse approaches to integrated care across Europe, highlighting best practices and areas needing improvement. The synthesized data culminated in a comprehensive repository, serving as a vital resource for policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and educators.

This project contributes significantly to the overarching goals of the NET4Age-Friendly COST Action. The insights gained are not only valuable for current healthcare strategies but also pave the way for more cohesive, patient-centric care models in Europe. The VM grant facilitated the strengthening of academic and professional networks, promoting further collaboration and knowledge exchange.