Recommendations for older adults receiving COVID-19 vaccines

01 October 2021 |

NET4Age-Friendly Action members collaborated in the development of recommendations for older adults receiving COVID-19 vaccines. These have recently been published in a position paper resulting from a joint effort between ARIA-EAACI and EuGMS, in order to raise a flag for anaphylaxis and propose a management flowchart.

Older adults, especially men and those with diabetes, hypertension and/or obesity, are prone to severe Covid-19. Older adults in nursing homes have been prioritised to receive vaccines due to high risk of death. Rarely Covid-19 vaccines may induce anaphylaxis in older adults. Symptoms are similar in younger and older adults but they tend to be more severe in older patients. Adrenaline is the mainstay treatment and should be readily available. 

This paper outlines an extremely useful flowchart to manage anaphylaxis in the older patients.