Prof. Rosa Carla Gomes Silva

Affiliation / OrganisationUICISA
Which is the PRIMARY NET4Age Working Group you are involved in?WG2
Paper 1
TitleThe Quality of Carer–Patient Relationship Scale: Adaptation and Validation into Portuguese
AuthorsSilva, R.; Bobrowicz-Campos, E.; Santos-Costa, P.; Gil, I.; Neves, H.; Apóstolo, J
JournalInt. J. Environ. Res. Public Health
quality of caregiver-patient relationship scale
reliability and validity
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Paper 2
DOI DOI: 10.11124/JBISRIR-D-19-00125
TitleEffects of caregiver-provided individual cognitive interventions on cognition, social functioning and quality of life in older adults with major neurocognitive disorders: a systematic review
AuthorsSilva R, Bobrowicz-Campos E, Cardoso D, Costa P, Couto F, Camarneiro AP, Abrunheiro S, Almeida M, Apóstolo J.
JournalJBI Evid Synth.
individual cognitive intervention
major neurocognitive disorder
systematic review
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Paper 3
DOI DOI: 10.11124/JBISRIR-2017-003483
TitleEffectiveness of multisensory stimulation in managing neuropsychiatric symptoms in older adults with major neurocognitive disorder: A systematic review
AuthorsSilva R, Abrunheiro S, Cardoso D, Costa P, Couto F, Agrenha C, Apóstolo J.
JournalJBI Database System Rev Implement Rep.
KeywordsNeurocognitive disorder
multisensory stimulation
neuropsychiatric symptoms
older adults
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4. Focus of research during the past 3 yearsSH3_9 Health, ageing and society
SH4_6 Learning, memory, cognition in ageing
5. Other research during the past 3 yearsHealth intervention for older adults people with dementia/MCI
6. Ongoing research for collaborative activitiesOther
7. Other ongoing researchN/A
8. Available to partcipate in a webinar for partners to present your ongoing research?No
1. Products/tools, services or other activities available for collaboration If yes, Patient summary
Research tools
public and patient involvement
2. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the product, service, tool or other?No
3. Short description of product, tool, service or otherN/A
4. Innovative training/empowerment contentN/A
5. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the training/empowerment content?No
1. Connections to local/regional ecosystem on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital worldCitizens, Researchers
2. If yes, please can you provide the name, link or short description of the ecosystem you are involved in? ;
3. Interested in fostering a quadruple helix ecosystem within the frame of the COST ActionNo
4. Familiarity with international funding programmesN/A
5. Interest in international funding programmesHealth for growth
Horizon Europe