Prof. Robert Szeklicki

Affiliation / OrganisationUniversity of Physical Education, Poznan
Which is the PRIMARY NET4Age Working Group you are involved in?WG2
Paper 1
TitleA systematic literature review of reviews on techniques for physical activity measurement in adults: a DEDIPAC study.
AuthorsKieran P Dowd, Robert Szeklicki, Marco Alessandro Minetto, Marie H Murphy, Angela Polito, Ezio Ghigo, Hidde P van der Ploeg, Ulf Ekelund, Janusz Maciaszek, Rafal Stemplewski, Maciej Tomczak, Alan Donnelly
JournalInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
KeywordsPhysical activity
Motion sensors
Heart rate monitors
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Paper 2
TitleReal-Time activity monitoring with a wristband and a smartphone.
AuthorsBozidara Cvetkovic, Robert Szeklicki, Vito Janko, Przemysław Lutomski, Mitja Lustrek
JournalInformation Fusion
KeywordsWristband sensors
Smartphone sensors
Activity recognition
Estimation of energy expenditure
machine learning
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Paper 3
TitleThe Physical Activity Questionnaire for the Elderly (PAQE): Polish adaptation.
AuthorsMagdalena Król-Zielińska, Monika Ciekot-Sołtysiak, Wiesław Osiński, Adam Kantanista, Jacek Zieliński, Robert Szeklicki
Journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Keywordsphysical activity measurement
older adults
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4. Focus of research during the past 3 yearsSH3_9 Health, ageing and society
LS7_8 Epidemiology and public health
5. Other research during the past 3 yearsThe Effect of Nordic Walking Training with Poles with an Integrated Resistance Shock Absorber on the Functional Fitness of Women over the Age of 60. Validity and reliability of Polish adaptation of CHAMPS physical activity questionnaire. Polish adaptation of the Yale Physical Activity Survey: measurement properties.
6. Ongoing research for collaborative activitiesLS7_8 Epidemiology and public health
7. Other ongoing researchChanges in the level of physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic
8. Available to partcipate in a webinar for partners to present your ongoing research?No
1. Products/tools, services or other activities available for collaboration If yes, N/A
2. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the product, service, tool or other?No
3. Short description of product, tool, service or otherN/A
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1. Connections to local/regional ecosystem on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital worldNo
2. If yes, please can you provide the name, link or short description of the ecosystem you are involved in?N/A
3. Interested in fostering a quadruple helix ecosystem within the frame of the COST ActionYes
4. Familiarity with international funding programmesNo
5. Interest in international funding programmesErasmus+
Horizon 2020
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