Prof. Minna Zechner

Affiliation / OrganisationUniversity of Lapland
Which is the PRIMARY NET4Age Working Group you are involved in?WG1
Paper 1
TitleIs Finland Connected for e-Health and e-Welfare?
AuthorsMinna Zechner
JournalIn Jing, Tian-kui, Kuhnle, Stein, Pan, Yi., Chen, Sheying (eds.) Aging Welfare and Social Policy. China and the Nordic Countries in Comparative Perspective. International Perspectives on Ageing 20. Cham: Springer, 125–138.
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Paper 2
TitleIs there a Nordic model of elder care? - Similarities and differences between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
AuthorsVan Aerschot, Lina & Zechner, Minna
JournalIn Maciej Pietrzykowski & Timo Toikko (Eds.) Sustanable welfare in a regional context. Seinäjoki: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, 116–138.
Keywordselder care
welfare state
Nordic countries
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Paper 3
TitleThe political construction of elderly care markets: comparing Denmark, Finland and Italy
AuthorsBurau, Viola, Zechner, Minna, Dahl, Hanne Marlene & Ranci, Costanzo
JournalSocial Policy & Administration 51(7), 1023–1041
Keywordselder care
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4. Focus of research during the past 3 yearsSH3_7 Social policies, welfare
SH3_9 Health, ageing and society
SH3_13 Digital social research
5. Other research during the past 3 yearsN/A
6. Ongoing research for collaborative activitiesSH3_7 Social policies, welfare, Other
7. Other ongoing researchlong-term care, care work, financialisation of care, care policies, ageing in precarious aging
8. Available to partcipate in a webinar for partners to present your ongoing research?Yes
1. Products/tools, services or other activities available for collaboration If yes, N/A
2. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the product, service, tool or other?No
3. Short description of product, tool, service or otherN/A
4. Innovative training/empowerment contentN/A
5. Available to participate in a webinar for partners to present the training/empowerment content?No
1. Connections to local/regional ecosystem on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital worldResearchers
2. If yes, please can you provide the name, link or short description of the ecosystem you are involved in?Network of gerontological social work (Finland), The European Network for Social Policy Analysis (ESPANET),
3. Interested in fostering a quadruple helix ecosystem within the frame of the COST ActionNo
4. Familiarity with international funding programmesCompetitiveness of enterprises and SMEs (COSME), Erasmus+, European Union programme for employment and social innovation, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe
5. Interest in international funding programmesTerritorial cooperation