NET4Age Green Paper on Ageing

27 April 2021 | ageing

NET4Age-Friendly members have developed a collaborative contribution to the EC Green Paper on Ageing, that was under open consultation until April 21st.

The contributions are spread by different topics and provide a comprehensive addition of relevant topics spreading from health to ICT and, of course, the built environments. Social elements are also at the core of this document, even more within the current pandemic context.

Summarising “To promote healthy and active ageing throughout the lifespan, an integrated and holistic approach on the physical and mental development of children and adults is crucial. It is necessary that there is seamless cooperation between different layers of public authorities and ministerial domains and that the whole society contributes to foster the many aspects of human life, from finances, ICT usage and education, to housing, food, love and leisure. This needs to evolve if we acknowledge the importance of better involving all, not leaving anyone aside or turn away from society.”