NET4Age-Friendly strongly represented at International Conference in Porto

17 May 2024 | conference

On May 7, the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly was exceptionally well represented at the International Conference on Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments at the Universidade do Porto.

Carina Dantas, president of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly, was one of the organizers of the event through SHINE 2Europe, in partnership with the Universidade do Porto. Also Willeke Van Staalduinen, vice-chair of the COST Action, attended the conference and, together with Carina Dantas, led the Working Group meeting that took place the day after the conference.

At an event filled with researchers from diverse fields, scientists, policymakers, innovators, and committed professionals, notable figures such as Alina Lupu, Sandra Diniz Amaral, Miriam Cabrita, Fernando Alves, Ana Martins, Teodora Figueiredo, Franklin Gaspar, Oscar Zanutto, Juliana Louceiro, José Carlos Pinto da Costa, Inês Saavedra, Joana Portugal, and Sílvia Silva graced the stage.

Central themes included: European Commission strategies and priorities, Social Innovation inclusion in regional ecosystems (SIRENE project), a lecture on climate adaptation for older adults in vulnerable urban areas, ageism and discrimination, TRIO project outcomes addressing literacies, skills & lifelong learning, building SHAFE urban and rural environments, and innovating market access.

The event was attended by extraordinary professionals in their respective fields who convened in Portugal from across Europe to share their visions and expertise.

Taking advantage of the presence of the many NET4Age-Friendly members, a meeting of the working groups was scheduled for 8 May, hosted by the University of Porto. Working groups 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 met and worked on developing the training modules that are being developed in COST Action and which will also result in a deliverable. All the participants worked on these modules and have already come up with a first draft.