NET4Age-Friendly and SHAFE presented at the IN4AHA webinar

30 November 2022 | NET4 Webinars

NET4Age-Friendly and SHAFE were presented at the IN4AHA webinar Connecting networks on Active and Healthy Living, held on the 25 November 2022.

Willeke Van Staalduinen, our Vice-Chair, presented the approach and aims and our focus on Active and Healthy Living.

Many projects, organizations, and networks are working on the various adjacent fields to Active and Healthy Ageing – health literacy, digital health, age-friendly environments, integrated care, falls prevention, and therapy adherence, among many others. Nevertheless, there has been a shift towards interpreting ageing as another step in an individual’s lifecycle, meaning a shift in objectives: to develop health interventions that target individuals at younger ages for better health outcomes in later years.

Hence, the concept of Active and Healthy Living (AHL) has become more relevant. Experts from some of the most relevant networks working on AHL were invited to present the achievements of their organizations and discuss their plans for the upcoming years, including the development of an organization capable of bringing all the networks together into a coalition of the willing.

This is the EURAHL Coalition, where NET4Age-Friendly and SHAFE are a founding member, represented by Carina Dantas and Willeke Van Staalduinen.