Last meeting of the NET4Age-Friendly Management Committee in Romania

26 June 2024 | meeting

In an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and some sadness, the representatives of COST Action NET4Age-Friendly gathered in Bucharest, Romania, for their last official meeting on May 21 and 22. The hybrid event was held at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, with active participation, both in person and online, chaired by Carina Dantas, Chair of the Action and CEO of SHINE 2Europe.

On May 21, during the morning, crucial points were discussed such as the report on the activities of the last period, the final event of the action in Brussels and the implementation of COST’s excellence and inclusion policy.

The meeting continued with a discussion on the progress of the working groups and the awarding of grants. The morning ended with a review of the work plan and budget, future activities and the follow-up and report to the COST Association.

Several initiatives and projects were presented, including:

  • Lela Mirtskhulava on gender-based violence facilitated by technology.
  • Stefan Danschutter on housing security.
  • Dumitru Todoroi on the implementation of older adult associations.
  • Luiza Spiru on the event honoring Ana Aslan in UNESCO’s 2024 anniversary calendar.
  • Willeke van Staalduinen on the SIRENE project’s framework for social innovation in inclusive and intelligent environments.

The meeting continued on May 22 with discussions on future plans and the sustainability of the action. The event ended after the working groups finalized the modules of the Framework of Reference.

This meeting was a significant step forward in the mission to create smart, healthy and friendly environments for all ages, promoting interdisciplinarity and international collaboration.

Throughout this long collaboration, many friendships have been formed, which have resulted in various opportunities, not only for joint work, but also for new projects. The meeting was somewhat melancholy in view of the end and the imminent “separation”.

However, the final NET4Age-Friendly event will take place from October 1st to 3rd in Brussels, where this initiative will come to a close and the foundations will be laid for the new venture: the SHAFE Foundation.