E-BOOK Interactions: a society for all ages

31 May 2022 | e-book

The 3rd edition of the Interactions Symposium, under the slogan “A Society for All Ages”, took place between January and May 2021 through 18 thematic sessions held online.

These sessions were systematised in an eBook that gathers projects and national and international programmes that contribute to the reflection on longevity public policies, with focus to improving models and practices. The eBook aggregates the contribution of the speakers, but has also pages dedicated to dignity, social inclusion and community support.

Carina Dantas contributed to this eBook with her perspectives on the challenges of ageing in the digital age and presented the NET4Age-Friendly and SHAFE networks, which are currently featured in: https://indd.adobe.com/view/7549a40b-f19b-4fbe-b1f1-77acd93620f8?fbclid=IwAR2z4L2GyEkve6LCNKJRksjxQ1tHRnlxCJjnHGjvvfL0OFAz_MeRgc-hzp0