Cooperation between NET4Age MC members led to joint research and publication on WHO website

28 May 2024 | news

To support age-friendly cities and communities and policymaking in North Macedonia, the Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Questionnaire (AFCCQ) has been translated into Macedonian and Albanian, and validated by Dr Daniel Pavlovski and Dr Elisabeta Bajrami Ollogu of Mother Teresa University.

In 2020, The Hague launched the first quantitative assessment tool for measuring age-friendliness – the AFCCQ (Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Questionnaire). This instrument consists of 23 items that can assist scholars, municipalities and local authorities in collecting baseline data relating to their town or city to understand how age-friendly their local community is.

In 2022, external funding was awarded by the Taskforce for Applied Research, as part of ERA-NET Cofund Urban Transformation Capacities (ENUTC) for the project – City&Co: Older Adults Co-Creating a Sustainable Age-friendly City. As a member of COST Action NET4Age-Friendly, Dr Pavlovski of Mother Teresa University joined forces of the City&Co consortium and validated the AFCCQ for use in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city of Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

The North Macedonian versions of the AFCCQ can be found on the website of the World Health Organization (Age-friendly Practices):

The paper on the validation of the instrument in Skopje can be found here: How older adults experience the age-friendliness of Skopje: Results of the validation of the AFCCQ for use in North Macedonia and a representative survey - ScienceDirect