1-3 July 2024, Rijeka - Croatia

Value Based Health Care: how to generate value in the Age Friendly Environments

Open Call for Trainees for the Rijeka Training School

1-3 July 2024

University of Rijeka – Faculty of Medicine (MEDICINSKI FAKULTET U RIJECI-HR)

Venue: Braće Branchetta 20 51 000 Rijeka Hrvatska

Title of the training school:

Value Based Health Care: how to generate value in the Age Friendly Environments


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the paradigm is shifting towards a model that emphasizes value over volume. Value-based healthcare (VBHC) stands at the forefront of this transformation, championing the delivery of high-quality care that prioritizes patient outcomes and experiences while optimizing resource utilization.

As social and health practitioners, your role is pivotal in shaping the trajectory of healthcare delivery. Your daily interactions with individuals and communities provide a unique vantage point to understand the diverse needs and challenges within the healthcare ecosystem. Recognizing the significance of your contributions, we embark on a journey to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the principles and practices of value-based care.

This training is not merely a series of lectures or presentations; it is a collaborative endeavour to foster a deeper understanding of VBHC and its implications for your daily practice. Together, we will delve into the core components of value-based care, exploring concepts such as patient-centeredness, outcomes measurement, care coordination, and payment reform.

Moreover, we will examine the intersection of social determinants of health and value-based care, recognizing the indispensable role that social and health practitioners play in addressing underlying factors that influence health outcomes. By integrating social and health care and bringing them together into the older daily like environments we can strive towards a more equitable and inclusive community space.